We need World Dance Ambassadors! (Meeting on 9/17/12)

Hi everyone!

The next World Dance Party will be held on November 2nd at  6:03pm at the Filipino Community Center (5740 MLK Jr. Way S)! This is  the seventh one, and we are excited. We’re lining up some awesome instructors (let us know if you want to be one!).

We are recruiting “WDP Dance Ambassadors” to help spread the word, since we want this next one to be PACKED! As a Dance Ambassador, your job is simple: Get at least 10 people to come to WDP and experience how totally cool and fun and  community-building it is. You do this by telling your friends, posting on Facebook, calling people, writing President Obama, etc.

The first meeting for Dance Ambassadors is on September 17th at the Filipino Community Center (room 201) from 4:30- 5:30pm and we’ll have food. Please forward this to people you think would be great Dance Ambassadors. Let’s make this next WDP the  most amazing one of all!!

Hope to see some of you soon.

The WDP Planning Team


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