WDP in Crosscut!!

Hi everyone, one of the planning team members, Vu, here. WDP is featured in Crosscut, signaling the beginning of WDP’s viral spread around the world. We want to see World Dance parties in cities across the globe. Here is the article. Special thanks to journalist Eric Scigliano, who really captures the spirit of WDP.

However, he may have given me too much credit. WDP would not be successful without the countless hours contributed by our planning team, dance instructors, and volunteers. Our current co-chairs, Teresa Dang and Tagoipah Mathno, have been instrumental to coordinating the event and deserve special recognition. Other planning committee members and volunteers were responsible for decorating, setting up the room, hauling a ton of donations of refreshments from Pepsi (thank you, Pepsi!), running to Costco, designing the flyer, going around farmers markets with flyers, DJ’ing, videotaping, cleaning up, separating compost from recycling from trash, etc. WDP is a community event and it would not be successful without an effective team.

And also support from funders like Seattle Foundation’s Neighbor to Neighbor Fund.

The 8th WDP is coming up in a couple of months. Let us know if you want to join the team and make it the most awesome one yet!


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