World Dance Party 8 moved to March; WDP at Folklife still moving forward

Hi everyone, the planning team has been busy planning not one, but two WDP’s. Originally, we were going to have WDP8 in February. Unfortunately, we’re having logistical issues with venues, so it’ll likely be moved to March. Likely Friday, March 22nd, in South Park. Please book your calendar, but keep in mind we haven’t finalized this yet.

Meanwhile, we’ve been in talks with the folks at Folklife. WDP will most likely happen on Saturday the 25th for a few hours in the afternoon in the Armory, which is the food court. Again, we’re still negotiating details, but book your calendar for that one too.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese Friendship Association is having their Tet Celebration on Friday 2/8 from 6pm to 8pm at New Holly Gathering Hall at 7058 32nd Ave S. 98118. Food, games, fortune-telling, little red envelopes with lucky money, etc. It’s free and fun for the whole family. More details here

See you soon! And as usual, we’re looking for dance instructors, so if you know a dance and want to teach for 15 minutes, let us know. We’re also looking for Dance Ambassadors (people who can bring at least 9 of their friends to WDP). Email


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