WDP is TONIGHT! Come learn Hula and Laotian and a bunch of other dances

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that WDP8 is today, 3/23, 6:03pm. Scroll down to see the flyer. Bring your friends, neighbors, classmates, kids, parents, co-workers, book club members, knitting buddies, BFF’s, grandparents, etc. Remember, it’s FREE, but it’s a potluck so bring something delicious to share. Beverages will be available (and adult beverages will be available also for a couple of bucks to keep WDP going). Here are some dances we have lined up:

West African



Jarabe Tapatio

La Raspa


Harlem Shake (the original one)

And if you have a dance, please feel free to come and teach it (We encourage spontaneous teaching of dances)

See you there!


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