World Dance Party 12 Highlights


High Fives All Around! We had incredible support from the Rainier Beach community and the amazing staff and students at Rainier Beach High School who helped us plan the event. Students volunteered to emcee, teach dances, shoot photo/video, and take on responsibility of set-up and cleanup. They were incredible! We had about 300 people attend the event to share some delicious meals and test out some new dances: West African, Persian, Iranian, Somali, Zumba, the Slide, Bachata, Oromo, Japanese, Hip Hop, and Arabic styles. Shout out to our DJ and volunteer dance instructors- you all brought your A-game!

Upcoming WDP stuff:

-We’re participating in the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBig on May 5 this year to raise money for future WDP’s in your community. Please give $20, $2000, or something in between to help us spread the love to more locations around Seattle! Stay tuned for updates here and on our facebook page:

-We’re recruiting new members to join our planning committee. Requirements: must be nice, must like dancing, music, food and/or building strong communities. Email us for more info at:

-WDP 13: When and where will it be? Do you have ideas? Share them with us!


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