WDP Needs Your Support to GiveBig on 5/5!!


World Dance Party (WDP) has been bringing folks together to share food, dance, music, and culture around Seattle since 2010. At many of our events, we hear people say that WDP’s are the most fun you can have for free. Well thanks, that’s sweet of you to say!

We are able to keep our dance parties free and open to anyone because we have an incredible community of supporters that loves these events as much as we do. Our Planning Committee keeps costs low by partnering with organizations that host us at discounted rates, recruiting volunteers to teach dances, and asking everyone in attendance to bring food for the potluck or help out in some way. We cannot create these fun, lively, and inclusive gatherings without you all!

Not only do we throw sweet dance parties, but we also provide assistance to others who want to create their own events where they live. We believe that each community can and should be celebrating like us. Check out our WDP Toolkit on this site.

Chances are you’ve never given a donation to WDP to help us continue spreading the love around the Seattle area- we’ve never asked. This year, we decided to participate in The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBig event and reach out to our supporters to raise at least $2500- approximately the amount of money we’ll need to pull off the next 3 WDP’s!

Please send us a few bucks to show your appreciation and invest in a more connected community! Visit our profile on The Seattle Foundation website to donate: http://www.seattlefoundation.org/npos/Pages/WorldDanceParty.aspx

*You can donate to our organization at any time through our profile on The Seattle Foundation website, but your money will be stretched ONLY on May 5 for GiveBig.

Here’s what your money will buy:

  • $25 Level- A bunch of supplies for the potluck
  • $50 Level- A wireless headset microphone for dance instructors
  • $100 Level- A good portion of our rental cost
  • $1000 Level- We’ll throw a WDP in your honor

Thank you so, so much for your continued support of WDP. Please ask friends, family, or neighbors to match your donation and help us continue to organize these events for another year!




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