World Dance Party (WDP) is a fun party designed to get neighbors to interact and to celebrate culture and diversity. Everyone from all backgrounds and ages is welcome. It’s a potluck. Several multicultural dances are taught by volunteer instructors in 20-minute mini-lessons, then everyone dances. That’s it. There’s no other agenda. No lectures. Just food and dancing and community.


The idea for the event surfaced at an Aging Your Way Gathering, organized by Senior Services, an organization in Seattle. The gathering was part of a project designed to capture people’s input on an ideal community for everyone to grow old in, as well as inspire citizens to actions to improve their neighborhoods. One theme that arose was the lack of connections between elders and young people, and between neighbors of different ethnicities. One idea that came up was a fun multicultural dance and potluck. We have had several WDP’s now, each one attended by 100 to 250 people.

World Dance Party Principles:

Everyone has fun: WDP is an event that energizes people and gives us all an outlet to know our neighbors in a fun and relaxed setting.

Everyone contributes: WDP is about building community. Everyone contributes in some way such as bringing a dish to share, teaching dances, volunteering, and inviting their friends and family to participate in the event.

Everyone is accepted: WDP should be a place where everyone can feel welcome and connected to their neighbors, regardless of their culture, race, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, political view, sexual orientation, etc.

Supporting Organizations:

WDP is a collaboration between Afro-Moves Learning Institute, API Safety Center/Chaya, Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS), Campana Quetzal, Central Area District Council, Central Area Motivation Program (CAMP), Central Area Senior Center, Chinese Information and Service Center (CISC), City of Seattle Parks and Recreation Lifelong Recreation Department, Filipino Community of Seattle, Horn of Africa Services, International Drop-In Center, International Examiner, Latino Senior Information and Assistance, Rainier Chamber of Commerce, ReWA, SeaMar, Seattle Neighborhood Group, Seattle Union Gospel Mission, Senior Services, Somali Community Services, Southeast District Council, and the Vietnamese Friendship Association.

Please email worlddanceparty@gmail.com if your organization would like to be a supporting organization. This requires helping spread the word, sending volunteers, and helping with planning if possible.


We are grateful for the support of the Neighbor to Neighbor Fund for making WDP possible.


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  1. Where does kne find out when & where these are held? I’m interested in spreading the world with friends who are mentoring refugees and working with disadvantaged teens. This is a fantastic idea and an incredible way to build community. Thank you!

    • Hi MJ, you can follow the blog and will be notified when we determine when/where the next WDP will be. Just click on the “mailing list” tab and enter your email.

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