World Dance Party in Shoreline TONIGHT, 5-2-14!

Hi everyone,

We had an incredible WDP 10 at New Holly, with over 250 people in attendance. It was a packed room, and the Somali, Zumba, Bachata, Israeli, Hip-Hop, Salsa, Samba, Bollywood, and line-dancing instructors did not disappoint. Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors, and everyone who helped to make the event possible. And the food you all brought was delicious! Here’s a picture below. See more on our Facebook page.


Our next WDP event will be at Northwest Folklife. Details coming soon.

Meanwhile, our friends in Shoreline are having a WDP tonight at Shoreline Community Center. See the details! Sorry about the short notice, but if you’re free, let’s bring the energy to Shoreline!




World Dance Party THIS FRIDAY, November 15th, 6:03pm!!!

Hi everyone, we hope you’re excited about the WDP coming up this week! Here’s the line-up:

1. Zumba
2. Salsa
3. East African
4. Sliders
5. Polynesian/Easter Island
6. Tongan
7. Brazilian/Mexican
8. West African
Here’s the flyer, please pass it on to all your friends. Also, we are breaking tradition a little and having a donation box to collect money to help families affected by Typhoon Haiyan. We hope to see you there. world dance party flyer 9

World Dance Party at Folklife this Saturday, May 25th, 1 to 3pm!!


Sorry we haven’t been updating this blog very often. But that’s because we were planning WDP9, which is taking place at Northwest Folklife! Please invite your friends, family, and/or colleagues — we will be featuring dance instructors who have been a BIG part of the WDP community. We are listed on the list of “28 Great Things to See at Folklife this Year.”

Date: Saturday, May 25th, 2013 @ 1-3pm
Location: Armory, Seattle Center
What: Learn 6 multicultural dances and dance with the very BEST from the South Seattle/Rainier Valley community!

*Hip Hop
*Belly Dancing
*Sliders (line dancing)
*West African

This one is a little different than most WDPs we’ve had, but we know it’ll be fun. (When has a WDP not been fun?!). We hope to see you there.

WDP is TONIGHT! Come learn Hula and Laotian and a bunch of other dances

Hi everyone,

Just a reminder that WDP8 is today, 3/23, 6:03pm. Scroll down to see the flyer. Bring your friends, neighbors, classmates, kids, parents, co-workers, book club members, knitting buddies, BFF’s, grandparents, etc. Remember, it’s FREE, but it’s a potluck so bring something delicious to share. Beverages will be available (and adult beverages will be available also for a couple of bucks to keep WDP going). Here are some dances we have lined up:

West African



Jarabe Tapatio

La Raspa


Harlem Shake (the original one)

And if you have a dance, please feel free to come and teach it (We encourage spontaneous teaching of dances)

See you there!

World Dance Party 8 moved to March; WDP at Folklife still moving forward

Hi everyone, the planning team has been busy planning not one, but two WDP’s. Originally, we were going to have WDP8 in February. Unfortunately, we’re having logistical issues with venues, so it’ll likely be moved to March. Likely Friday, March 22nd, in South Park. Please book your calendar, but keep in mind we haven’t finalized this yet.

Meanwhile, we’ve been in talks with the folks at Folklife. WDP will most likely happen on Saturday the 25th for a few hours in the afternoon in the Armory, which is the food court. Again, we’re still negotiating details, but book your calendar for that one too.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese Friendship Association is having their Tet Celebration on Friday 2/8 from 6pm to 8pm at New Holly Gathering Hall at 7058 32nd Ave S. 98118. Food, games, fortune-telling, little red envelopes with lucky money, etc. It’s free and fun for the whole family. More details here

See you soon! And as usual, we’re looking for dance instructors, so if you know a dance and want to teach for 15 minutes, let us know. We’re also looking for Dance Ambassadors (people who can bring at least 9 of their friends to WDP). Email

World Dance Party 7 sets new attendance record!

More than 250 people!! We think. We were way too busy dancing to have accurate count, but by the names on the sign-in sheets and the general energy in the room, we’re pretty sure we broke the attendance record. Thank you to our instructors, volunteers, the Filipino Community of Seattle, Pepsi, and the planning team for another great event. WDP continues to get more and more awesome each time! The next WDP is being planned to take place in South Park and will likely be around Valentine’s day. Sign up to be a WDP8 Dance Ambassador right now by emailing us at DA’s spread the word about the event and commit to bringing at least 9 other people to WDP8. If you know a dance and would like to be an instructor, or volunteer in other ways, please let us know.

And if you want reminders about the next WDP, just subscribe to this blog by clicking on the “mailing list” tab and entering your email.

Meanwhile, here is a video of WDP7. Look at how much happiness and community there is! See you at WDP8!

We need World Dance Ambassadors! (Meeting on 9/17/12)

Hi everyone!

The next World Dance Party will be held on November 2nd at  6:03pm at the Filipino Community Center (5740 MLK Jr. Way S)! This is  the seventh one, and we are excited. We’re lining up some awesome instructors (let us know if you want to be one!).

We are recruiting “WDP Dance Ambassadors” to help spread the word, since we want this next one to be PACKED! As a Dance Ambassador, your job is simple: Get at least 10 people to come to WDP and experience how totally cool and fun and  community-building it is. You do this by telling your friends, posting on Facebook, calling people, writing President Obama, etc.

The first meeting for Dance Ambassadors is on September 17th at the Filipino Community Center (room 201) from 4:30- 5:30pm and we’ll have food. Please forward this to people you think would be great Dance Ambassadors. Let’s make this next WDP the  most amazing one of all!!

Hope to see some of you soon.

The WDP Planning Team

Next World Dance Party June 15th, Filipino Community Center

The next WDP is set for June 15th, 2012 from 6:03pm to 9:27pm at the Filipino Community Center at 5740 MLK Jr. Way S. We’re lining up instructors. Please email if you would like to volunteer to instruct a dance (or just volunteer in general). Instructors have to be willing to break down the steps, lead a lesson for 15 to 20 minutes, prepare and provide their music on a CD, and have lots of energy and can get the crowd dancing.

Scroll below to see pictures and videos from the last WDP!